Date:  05.2015

Client:  A & D Hydra-Clean, Restoration, & Construction

Summary:  A great, family-owned business here in Indianapolis was in need of commercial photography services for images for their web site, and for other marketing material.  I worked with Aaron Wilson (owner), and Tricia Kaiser to put together a plan to create some of the key images they needed.  

Behind The Scenes Video

This is a Behind The Scenes (BTS) look at our 2015 commercial photo shoot with A & D Hydra-Clean, Restoration, & Construction, here in Indianapolis, IN.


A & D wanted to use the commercial photography to highlight the fact that they have the team, the trucks, and the equipment to get the job done for their customers.  The marquee shot was to be an image of most of their trucks, equipment, and team.  They also wanted to get some great head shots of their team by their trucks, and some office shots that would look great on their web site.

Early concept sketch for commercial photo shoot for A & D Hydra-Clean.  The client wanted to get as many of their trucks, equipment, and team into the photo as we could.

Early concept sketch for commercial photo shoot for A & D Hydra-Clean.  The client wanted to get as many of their trucks, equipment, and team into the photo as we could.

Planning & Production

Our biggest challenge for this commercial photography assignment would be to find the best way to layout all of the trucks, and equipment.  Even more important than that was finding a way to execute that plan so that we minimized A&D employee down time--they've all got jobs to do, so we want to keep them working.  We put together sketches and mock-ups, and eventually resorted to graph paper and cut-outs in order to figure out a plan that would work well for preparation day.  I had to consider and calculate the position of the sun as well, because it was either going to be directly behind or directly in their faces.   

We thought it would be best to take the main shot from an elevated perspective, so we knew we'd need to rent a cherry picker.  Lots of thought and planning went into figuring out how to make it work, work well, and work fast.  We also knew that if were were going through all the trouble of setting up all these trucks and equipment, that it would also be great to capture some video via drone.  So, CX Photo Works brought in a sub-contractor to handle the fly-over video work.  

We also put together shot lists and full shoot day timeline so that we all knew how the day would play out.  We also brought in a lighting assistant to keep things on pace, the day of the shoot, and to shoot some behind the scenes photos for us.

The day before the shoot, we did the setup of all the trucks, and equipment.  Thanks to all the planning, setup went smoothly.


We arrived very early on a brisk, May, shoot day to make sure everything was set, was working, and to make some lighting tests.  Everything went like clock work.  We breezed through the shots of all the trucks, equipment, and the team.  Although it was a bit chilly, it sure seemed like everyone was having a good time.  We quickly moved from the big shot to taking individual head-shots of the team around their trucks.  Afterwards we moved inside where we setup a few shots in the boardroom, and at a couple of the desks.  All in all it was a good day of shooting, and everything worked pretty well.   


Post production was mostly in Lightroom, with a few needing some additional enhancement in Photoshop.  For example, the marquee shot of the team, trucks, and equipment needed just a little bit of virtual lawn care, and some sweeping of the parking lot, just to clean up the edges a bit.  There were also a few distractions in the back that we couldn't eliminate on set, so we took care of them in post.  We had a little trouble on set getting the A&D logo to appear on the flat screen in the boardroom, so we took care of that in post as well.  We also performed a little bit of retouching, where needed.


We had a great day of shooting with all the folks at A&D!  What an awesome team.  We made some good images that will look great on their web site.  Pre-planning was definitely the key on this photo shoot.  That can't be understated.  Also, having extra hands on deck to assist with lighting and equipment, really helped the day go smoothly.