Volunteering my Photographic Services thru ISBDC.org

I’m still very anxious to find a few, select businesses in Indiana to create some creative images for their marketing purposes.  Therefore, I just sent this message to the State Director of the ISBDC.org:

“Dear ISBDC State Director,

I'm interested in partnering with ISBDC, and volunteering my services as a Commercial Photographer to work with up to 5 select businesses.  I want to work with them to design, develop, and produce a collection of photographic images that they can use on their web sites, in social media campaigns, and on marketing materials, etc.  

I'm working to launch CXphotoworks.com here in Indiana (for starters), building my portfolio, and looking to partner with local businesses that can directly benefit from my photographic services.

Please feel free to reach out to me, so that we can discuss this offer.  I truly believe that there are many businesses--whether they are just getting started, or looking to grow--that could profit from having high-quality images.
Thank you for your time,

Kevin Lee Medlin | Photographer