Professional Business Portraits

Professional business portraits and headshots are a key asset in developing an online presence for any business:  web sites, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc.  I was honored to help Kevin Lewis of Lewis Wealth Management in Carmel, IN, create some great images for his company's web presence.  Given the professional nature of his industry, we chose the The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts, in Carmel, IN for the backdrop--the stone steps and columns conveyed the professionalism, brand, and image that we were looking for.  

We also chose the early morning hours to get some great lighting, by using it as a backlight and by using reflectors to bounce some great light to carve out some impactful portraits.  

Portrait of Kevin Lewis of Lewis Wealth Management against the columns at The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, IN

Portrait of Kevin Lewis of Lewis Wealth Management on the steps at The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, IN

Photo retouching is always an important aspect of quality portrait work, and it should not be overlooked or discounted.  Sometimes it may take a lot of work, other times just a little bit to help remove distractions (e.g., from backgrounds), smooth over slight wrinkles, even out skin tones, or remove minor blemishes.  The end goal is to reveal a natural looking image. 

Below is just one example.  See how I've removed the distraction in the background.  See how the skin tone is more even across the face.  See how the wrinkles under the eye are reduced (just slightly), and how minor blemishes have been removed or toned down.  I don't want porcelain skin--especially on a portrait of a man--but I do want to reduce visual distractions so that we're looking at the person in the portrait.      

BEFORE portrait retouching

AFTER portrait retouching

Product Photography: Sig Sauer P238

Have you ever seen something in the store or online and think, "That would be a lot of fun to make a photograph of?"  Okay, maybe you don't, but sometimes I do.  When I got this Sig Sauer P238, that's exactly what I did.  I wanted to create an image that would be worthy of a web site home page.  

Sig Sauer P238 with ammo, hearing protection, and extra clip

The set:  I wanted to have a grey/black background, and something with texture, so I found some shelf lining and grey slate tile from the local home improvement store.  I also added in some rebar as a foreground element.  

Sig Sauer P238 with ammo, and extra clip

Special effects:  A picture of a firearm is just simply not complete with out a little gun smoke, so with the help of some incense and some Photoshop work, the gun came to life.  

Retouching:  I wouldn't have thought this image would need much retouching, but even thought I cleaned it thoroughly, there were numerous little dust specks on the gun, and little imperfections in the tile that demanded attention.  In short, I try to remove the distractions--that's the key.  

The final product:  I'm pretty pleased with the final images.  I think they'd make great banner images for any The only bad thing is, now I want to do some more special effects images, with a bullet flying out the barrel, and shell casings being ejected.  This could get addictive.  

Sig Sauer P238 smoking gun with ammo

Professional Portrait Retouching: Frequency Separation

I admit it!  It's been way too long since I've done a blog post.  I could rattle off excuses, but what's the point?  Let's get on with the blog post:  Recently I put together a photo project with a local company, Pro Kneads, who was looking to create some images for their web site.  I'm surely going to post some of them to my portfolio, soon.  However, I wanted to make a quick blog post of some of the retouching work that I did.  Retouching faces can be quite challenging.  As a photographer, I want to preserve detail while eliminating blemishes, color patches, and any blotchiness.  So many photographers do it the easy way and remove all the skin texture, giving almost a smooth, plastic look.  In all honesty, that approach is fine for the right client, for certain budgets.  I prefer more realistic retouching techniques.  I'll often use a technique called frequency separation.  Name aside, it's a technique that allows me to retouch the color separately from the texture, which allows me to retain a natural looking appearance, and who doesn't want that?

Below is the before image, alongside the retouched, after image.  I think you'll agree that the transformation is not only amazing, but also very beautiful and flattering.  

Portrait, before retouching

Portrait, after retouching

   Furthermore, I do want to add that the client was looking for a dramatic, contrasty image that had blues in the shadows and blacks.  That's the reason for the color tone and treatment here.  Here's the final image as delivered to my client:  

Final portrait for client's web site

Final portrait for client's web site

Lastly, the client was looking for an image that conveyed the fact that their services were mobile--that they come to their client's home.  That's why we captured this image outdoors using studio lights to get that great light for the client.  

Good First Impressions with Great Website Images

Make a great first impression!  It's so important these days for businesses to have high-quality images on their websites.  A website is a company's virtual storefront, and many potential clients will get their first impressions based on a website, and the images on it.  

A&D Hydra-Clean, a family-owned business in Indianapolis approached me looking for some great images that would better represent them, for use on their website, and for other marketing efforts.  I was excited to have the chance to work with such a client, and to help them make a better first impression.  

Marquee photo from our commercial photo shoot with A&D Hydra-Clean in Indianapolis, IN.

Marquee photo from our commercial photo shoot with A&D Hydra-Clean in Indianapolis, IN.

Collaboration & Pre-Production are Key

For a commercial photo shoot to be successful, collaboration and pre-production are key.  Aaron Wilson (owner), and Tricia at A&D were great to work with.  We sat down, and thoroughly discussed the images that they were looking for, and how they might be used.  We put together a full shot list, a prep-day plan, and a shoot-day timeline so that everyone would understand what was needed and what to expect.  There was also a considerable amount of thought, and planning put into figuring out how to best capture their marquee shot:  a photo that would show their whole team, most of their trucks, and much of their equipment.    

Another big consideration for Aaron and A&D was minimizing they team's down-time.  When they're not on the job, their customers aren't being served, and they're not making any money.  We were going to need to stage their trucks, equipment, and pull the team away from jobs to make the photo shoot happen.  Therefore, it became all that much more important for us to put together a solid production plan to make the best use of everyone's time, and to get the team back out on the job. 

For those of you who might be considering enhancing your company's website by upgrading your images, strongly consider working with a photographer that will work with you and collaborate to determine the best photos and the right strategy to bring it altogether. 

The Commercial Photo Shoot

I've put together a more comprehensive write-up on my A&D Hydra-Clean Photo Shoot which includes more about the planning, some behind the scenes (BTS) photos, and a selection of some of the final images.  Again, if you're looking for a photographer, consider someone who will take the time to listen to your needs, and will work--well in advance of the shoot--to make sure everything comes together on the day of the shoot, so that you get the kind of images that will make a great first impression.  

Interested in Great Images for Your Website?

If you'd like to improve the images on your website contact me.  I'd be glad to talk with you about your project, and help steer you in the right direction.