Flashback Cardinal Photo Composite

Almost two years ago it snowed--much like it did last night--and I set out to do a composite of all the cardinals that were flooding our back yard.  I set the camera out on a tripod to capture multiple images of the cardinals as the flew around, perched on the fence, and plucked seed from the bird feeder.  Then I layered all the images together, pulling out the cardinals from each image layer in order to build the final composite.  I wish it had been a sunnier day, but I really like the final image.


Photo Composite of Cardinals from (Originally shot 2/2/2014)

Squirrel Brunch - iPhonography

Our little friend came for brunch on this rainy, Saturday morning. We can tell him apart from the other squirrels in our back yard because his right ear is shorter than his left. And, because he's the friendly one. He's been coming around for a couple of years now. We can feed him from our hand, as you see my wife doing here.  I snapped this picture with my iPhone, and edited it with Snapseed. 

Our little squirrel friend coming for brunch  

Our little squirrel friend coming for brunch  

Source: http://tttytyyt

Advertising Photography Mt Dew Cliff Climber On Spec

I had an idea/concept for a guy hanging from a cliff, that ultimately morphed into Mt Dew (on spec) advertisement photography shoot.  All of the elements of this composite image were captured by me:  I scouted and captured the cliff in Shades State Park in Indiana; the bear was captured at the Indianapolis Zoo; I used my roof, and a vine cut from my back yard to get the perspective, angle, and lighting right for the climber; and snapped the Mt Dew shot as well.  I pulled it altogether in Photoshop:  matching color, saturation, luminosity, and adding some light streaks to bring the final image together.  

Mt Dew Cliff Climber concept composite components, and final image.

Just Out Shooting Photos -- Baby Bunnies

We have baby bunnies in our yard. They are about 8 days old. We had to ward off some preying crows (yes crows) shortly after their birth. You'd almost think that we were starting a zoo around this place. At least with the hawk gone for a few weeks, while he heals-up, they'll have a fighting chance. They are so cute--I must say.

Photo of baby bunnies by our house.  Photograph by Kevin Lee Medlin, Indianapolis, IN.

Photo of baby bunnies by our house.  Photograph by Kevin Lee Medlin, Indianapolis, IN.