Just Out Shooting -- Horses at Sunrise

I met these lovely horses at sunrise this morning.  I got up early, in hopes of finding some great opportunities to make some beautiful sunrise photographs.  I stumbled upon some very friendly horses near Lebanon, IN.  They came right up to me, but soon got bored and went back to grazing.  The challenge for me with these shots was balancing exposure so that I didn't blow out the highlights of the sunrise too much, but still get details in the shadows.  I probably faulted a bit more on the side of blowing out my highlights.  I didn't have any shadows that I couldn't recover, so I could have gone maybe a half stop to a whole stop more under.  A little tweaking in Lightroom, and a few adjustments in Photoshop (like removing a fly or two), produced these photographs:  

Horse at Sunrise with Sun Flare

Horse Poses for a Portrait

Grazing Horse Looks Back at Me at Sunrise

Another Horse Portrait at Sunrise