Movie Poster Photography: "Self/Less"

I just finished this new photography and Photoshop project of mine: a movie poster remake of the movie, “Self/Less” with Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley. When I tell folks what type of professional photography that I enjoy most, I often mention that it’s the type of commercial photography that you would see on a movie poster, or a book cover. So, again, here is yet another movie poster recreation of mine.

This year, I want to crank out at least one creative photo project a month. I want to both try things that I’ve seen online—like this movie poster—and come up with new concepts on my own. I saw the movie poster for “Self/Less”, and thought it looked like a fun creative challenge.

“Self/Less” movie poster remake (with text).

My Approach

First I had to find something to remake the ‘head’ wrapped in plastic. I quickly realized that doing that as a self-portrait was not easy, and not the best idea. So, I bought a mannequin head, and used that (much easier). I then wanted the right trench coat, so I found a cheap one online that fit the look I was going for, but it took a bit of time to get it delivered. Then, I just sat up a mirror in front of the camera, and set it to take multiple shots. After about 50 or so shots, I finally got one that I liked.

Then, that ‘dispersion’ affect was one I’ve seen for a long time, and wanted to try sometime, and this was the perfect project for it. I cut up small pieces of black cinefoil, took pictures of them w/ my iPhone, and created eight different Photoshop brushes to use in the image. It worked out rather well—a fun technique.

“Self/Less” movie poster remake (without text).

“Self/Less” movie poster remake (without text).

More Photography Projects Like This

I really enjoy doing this creative photo composites, and photo manipulations. They really push me to problem solve to figure out how to best shoot it, and how best to approach the Photoshop work so that it looks as realistic as possible. I definitely plan on doing more photo projects like this for myself, and really hope to be able to work with more clients on projects like this.