CXphotoworks Begins a Journey

Kevin Lee Medlin | Photographer

As I launch CXphotoworks, the journey to launch this brand, and to help build hundreds of other brands begins.  The passion of mine for photography that began in my teens has laid dormant for too long.  Now, equipped with a strong technical competence in photography, and years of business and corporate experience in customer service, problem solving, and disciplined project execution, I am launching CXphotoworks.  

The focus of CXphotoworks will be to provide solutions for clients through Creative eXpression.  For our commercial photography clients, I want to hear their needs, collaborate with them, and work to find Creative solutions to eXpress their ideas, and promote their brand.  This is not (only) about snapping photos and making them look cool.  It's about brand image, and it's about creating photographic images that lead to looks, clicks, and ultimately to sales.

I'm also going to endeavor--through my blog--to be real.  This will be a journey with ups and downs.  They all are.  So, I want to blog about all of it.  One challenge will be that I've never blogged before, but I do want to document the journey, so I'll try my best.  I also want to blog about my creative process:  sketches, test shots, concept ideas, and behind the scenes work.  I invite you to join me on this journey as I build out my web site, my social presence, and this business.  It's sure to be a wild ride.  Well, we go.