Date:  09.2015

Client:  Steve Campbell of Trillium Cabinets.

Summary:  I had the pleasure of working with Steve Campbell of Trillium Cabinets to create these great kitchens, and cabinets, that he designed.  These are before and after images of the two kitchens that we shot.  I wanted to show how, with extra lighting, compositing multiple images, and retouching in Photoshop, I'm able to take relatively simple image and help to make it really 'pop'.  

Kitchen Interiors Photography

Home2 Kitchen1 Before Home2 Kitchen1 After
Home2 Kitchen2 Before Home2 Kitchen2 After
Home2 Kitchen3 Before Home2 Kitchen3 After
Home2 Kitchen4 Before Home2 Kitchen4 After

Kitchen Interiors Photography 2

Home1 Kitchen1 Before Home1 Kitchen1 After
Home1 Kitchen2 Before Home1 Kitchen2 After

Bathroom Interiors Photography 1

Home1 Bathroom1 Before Home1 Bathroom1 After

Bathroom Interiors Photography 2

Home2 Bathroom1 Before Home2 Bathroom1 After

Bathroom Interiors Photography 3

Home2 Bathroom2 Before Home2 Bathroom2 After